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Proprietary Information

Your proprietary information is protected under attorney/client privilege, even if we don't establish an attorney/client relationship.  We do not maintain notes or copies of your information unless needed to prepare patent documents.  We only share your proprietary information in patent application filings that you authorize.

Personal Information

We only retain personal information if we enter into an attorney/client relationship, and only for the purpose of contacting your regarding the protection and maintenance of your intellectual property.  We provide your personal information as part of filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, World Intellectual Property Organization, and other intellectual property offices that you authorize. We do not retain credit card numbers.

Fee Approval

We only charge you for work and application fees that you authorize.  If you don't authorize work, we don't charge you, including when we pass along correspondence from a patent office or foreign counsel.  We do pass on charges from foreign counsel when you agree to their representation.

Electronic Communication

We will communicate with you via email, SMS, and telephone unless you request otherwise.

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