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This is how to patent your idea.  The brief summary and links to light-hearted animated videos below are for those just learning about patents.

Patents protect useful inventions.  Learn if your idea should be protected with a patent. Most processes, machines, articles of manufacture, and compositions of matter can be protected.  Learn more about what can be patented.
The earlier you file your patent application, the more valuable the resulting patent will be.
The first step in how to patent your invention is an informal or personal patent search.  Learn why and how to do a personal patent search.
If your personal patent search indicates that a patent is a good idea, we will have an invention disclosure and help you determine the most important inventive elements.  We can probably tell you what scope of protection you can get for your invention.
We may decide to do a professional patent search to decide if the inventive elements of your idea are protectable.  
If you are still developing your idea, we will probably recommend filing a provisional patent application.  A provisional application is a placeholder for a later utility application.
We draft a carefully crafted utility patent application designed to effectively protect your invention from infringers and reduce the costs of patent examination.
When we file your patent application, we may be able to sharply reduce your filing fees if you qualify as a small entity or micro entity.
Your invention can be protected internationally by filing a Patent Cooperation Tready or PCT patent applications.

Patent examination (prosecution) can be the most expensive part of patenting an invention.  We use examiner interviews with examiner profiling to speed allowance and reduce examination costs.

If the examiner refuses to allow your patent application, you have the option of appealing the rejection.  However, appeals can take years.












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