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Software inventions are patentable, and I can help you effectively protect them. I specialize in protecting software innovations, particularly data science, machine learning, neural network, and artificial intelligence innovations. I have made a detailed, on-going study of software patentability, including teaching national classes on the subject. I can also help you identify the areas of your invention that can be protected and where infringement can be readily identified.

Machine Learning/Software Patents

Data Science/Machine Learning/Neural Network/Artificial Intelligence Patents

Innovations in the rapidly developing areas of data science, machine learning, neural networks, and artificial intelligence can be broadly protected. Very basic patents in these disciplines have only recently been granted. Even if you are applying standard tools to a novel project, your innovation is likely patentable. Because of the breadth of current patents, it is also easy to detect infringement. I am also an amateur data scientist, and do Kaggle problems in python\pandas with our local data science group.

User Interface Patents

User interfaces are only of the easiest places to identify patent infringement, and are often key to protecting software innovations. I focus on the technical solutions that make the user interface useful to assure subject matter patentability.

System Interface Patents

Another area where it is relatively easy to identify infringement is at system interfaces. Protecting the interfaces between your software and other systems should be part of every software patent strategy. In addition, interface claims often make the most effective channeling claims for moving your patent application to an allowance friendly examination art group.

Business Method Patents

Many critical software innovations support business methods. I have been very successful in protecting these innovations and the business methods they embody by focusing on the technical solutions that make the business method possible. 

Image Recognition

I am experienced in protecting image recognition inventions for facial recognition, synthetic aperture radar, object recognition, navigation, and diagnosis.

Speech Recognition

I have experience with hidden Markov model and neural network speech recognition.


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