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Most investments earn small, regular returns while exposing the investor to potential large losses. For example, one could buy a bond that paid 2% annually, but loses 50% of its value if interest rates to 4%. This is the easiest way to invest, but often has lower returns.

conservative investments

An alternative is to make many small investments, most of which fail and are lost. However, a few pay off big, for a large net return. This is how angel investors and venture capital firms make money. An example of this investing in startup like Facebook in hopes that it grows to be enormous and launches it's own satellites.

We focus on a third way, betting on large price corrections such as bubbles bursting or stock prices collapsing. Like startup investing, most of the time we lose, but sometimes we win very big.

 Huge shorts

Shorts are a often used to implement the barbell strategy, where investors are simultaneously hyperconwervative and hyperaggressive. Your portfolio includes mostly very safe investments with low risk and low return. It also includes high risk, high reward investments, like huge shorts. This site is dedicated to finding the high risk, high reward investments that make the barbell stratedy work.

This site does not provide investment device. All of the securities and strategies we discuss lose money most of the time, and are only profitable during infrequent, rare, disasters.

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